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          Did the title of this article grab your attention?  Chances are that even I were writing to you now that I had the most life changing information in the world to share with you… you’d probably stop reading immediately if your cell phone began to ring or you received a text message.  Just think about that for a second…The reason you’d grab the phone is the exact same reason you need to discover more about the POWER of mobile text marketing and what it can do for your business.

          As you know, this site is primarily about educating visitors on how the credit card processing industry works and how it can affect your bottom line.  However, over the years, I have discovered that there are just some businesses that really stand out over their competitors.  They always seem to be looking for and implementing new creative ways to generate interest in their product or service and drive sales.  Introducing:



          If you’re in the retail or restaurant business, for example, mobile text marketing can help you generate almost immediate business. Over 80% of the population currently carries a cellular device with them at all times. You send a text…93% are read within 15 minutes, merchants are seeing 20% minimum response rates across all business markets and 22% of all recipients will forward the message to a friend, therefore sending your message to many more eyeballs. 

          Start looking around and you will see that more and more merchants are starting to incorporate Social Marketing Media into their marketing campaigns.  In this Sunday’s paper, I noticed an add for Younkers.  At the bottom of the add, it said:  Like us on Facebook;  Get coupons on your phone, text “offers” to 266…; Get $5 off for signing up at keyword: email; and Follow us on Twitter@younkersstores.  If the big boys are doing it, why aren’t you?   Don’t wait until your competition does it first. 

          Consider the potential here.  If you cross promote your business on Facebook pages, email, Twitter, in-store promotions, print media and MOBILE TEXT, you can’t help but expand awareness of your store or brand and INCREASE SALES!!!

          If you want to see some samples of how businesses are utilizing Mobile Text Marketing, I have set up a demo account where, once you opt-in, you’ll receive a series of texts over several days.  All you have to do, from your cell phone, is text the word “Mike” to 83936 (this is called the “short code”).  Don’t worry, if you get bored or bothered by the texts, you can simply opt-out but, at the least….you’ve got to check this out.  After you see firsthand, the power and potential that this type of marketing has for you, I can provide a



If you decide you want to take it for a spin for your business, simply go to MOTO MESSAGE and enter MIKE1500 as the referral code.  There’s no up-front cost, no credit card required, no contract (cancel anytime) and they offer an easy-to-use customer interface with numerous other helpful tools.

          Best of luck to you and I hope you have found this information to be useful.

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I'm a merchant services rep with over two decades in the industry. I currently spend my time servicing my large and diverse clientele. Additionally, I actively educate merchants on the process and cost structure of accepting credit/debit cards in their business as well as sharing marketing ideas for business growth.
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